Montgomery County Farm Bureau® is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year and has been looking at ways to do that.  MCFB would like to display pictures of our past Presidents on a wall in our building to honor all the men who have led this fine association.  We have had thirty-one presidents since 1917.  We have lost contact with several of them and their families. Either they are deceased and their family is no longer in the area, changed their telephone number, gave up their land line and are using just their cell phone like many of us have done or their family is no longer in agriculture.

We need your help in contacting them or a member of their family so that we may obtain a head and shoulder photo of them for our purpose.

Listed below are the names of the past presidents we are looking for and the years that they served as president. Any help is welcomed.

Years served as President Name
1935-1942 Earl Battles
1948-1950 L.J. Todt
1951 Frank J. Prange
1952-1954 Arthur Monke
1955 Kenneth Wilson
1956-1957 Homer F. Wiegreffe
1961-1962 Thomas Taylor Jr.
1963 Claude Hamlin
1970-1971 LaVern Gerhard
1985-1988 Gary Kolkhorst


If can help please call the FB Office at 217-532-6171 or email FB at and talk with Bob or Julie.

Thanks in advance.


Montgomery County Farm Bureau

Board of Directors